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Polk Audio Signature S35 BRN Walnut

Polk Audio Signature S35 BRN Walnut

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Tech Specs
  • Total Pieces 1

Shipping Cartons

  • Carton 1 15.6 lbs (7.08 kg)

Center Channel Speaker

  • Qty Included 1
  • Availability US
  • Orientation Horizontal
  • Front Array Driver Complement (1)  1" (2.54 cm) d (Round) Tweeter - Tweeter
    •                            (6)  3" (7.62 cm) d (Round) Midrange - Midrange
  • Height 4.125" (10.48 cm)
  • Width 24.4" (61.98 cm)
  • Depth 6.1" (15.49 cm)
  • Weight 14 lbs (6.35 kg)


  • Audio Inputs
  • Speaker Inputs (1) Pair of Binding Posts - Gold Plated

On-Wall Mount

  • Mounting Type
  • Available Orientations Horizontal
    Product Documentatio

    New Dynamic Balance Designed Acoustic Array

    Whether upgrading your home theater setup with an advanced Atmos configuration or enjoying music, Dynamic Balance ensures a rich, clean, full-range sound no matter what you’re listening to. This patented technology eliminates issues that reduce speaker performance.

    High-Resolution Audio Performance

    Our newly designed Terylene dome tweeter delivers clear and detailed high frequency response for realistic reproduction of vocals and instruments. Certified and capable of delivering 40kHz to support the latest high resolution audio files so it feels like your right there in the studio or concert hall.

    Custom Mid-Range Drivers

    Mica-reinforced polypropylene cones with butyl rubber surrounds, massive ceramic motor structures and high-temperature Conex fiber spiders combine to create drivers of exceptionally high efficiency, for clean, clear bass, better linearity, lower distortion and greater durability.

    Wall Mountable Left or Right Front Speaker

    Use two (left and right channels) or three to create an optimal, timbre match front (left, right and center) acoustic array. Featuring built-in four-way keyhole slots for easy mounting.


    Dual Power Port Deep Bass Technology

    Power Port® is our patented design that smoothly transitions the air flow from the speaker’s port into your listening area. It also extends the overall bass port, providing greater surface area to eliminate turbulence and distortion, for bigger, more musical, deep bass impact. Plus, it offers 3dB more bass response output than a traditional port.

    4”-Tall Slim Profile

    Easily fits spaces that other center channels do not.


    Quality Crafted Cabinet Design

    Strong, rigid and acoustically inert enclosure reduces unwanted internal standing waves for less audible coloration.



    Designed with the same components throughout to achieve seamless speaker-to-speaker blending effects in multi-channel systems.

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